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CoinPoker는 ICO이 11 월 출시있어 세계적인 암호 화폐 기반의 온라인 포커 룸입니다. 우리는 에테 리움 스마트 계약으로 운영하고 방이 시작 된 것이다되면, 우리는 blockchains의 사용을 통해 완전한 투명성을 확보하는 것입니다. 상기 RNG는 blockchains에 볼 수 있습니다, 선수들은 경기 후를 볼 수 있습니다. 즉 함께 고통이없는 거래와 암호 화폐 덕분에 온라인 포커 직면되었다는 많은 문제를 해결합니다. • ⇥Transactions는 전 세계적으로 접근 + 즉각적인 될 것입니다; • ⇥RnG 투명성 볼 수있을 것입니다; • ⇥Anonymity을 보장 할 것이다; • 테이블에서 ⇥Fair 플레이가 확보되어야한다. + 멋진 경품합니다 (ICO 중에 분산 된 토큰의 15 %가이 대회 동안 반환됩니다)와 거대한 그랜드 오프닝 이벤트. 무엇 우리는 다른 ICOS에서 다른 점은? 갈 준비, 그리고 우리의 실제 ICO가 시작하기 전에 우리는 플레이 돈으로 우리의 MVP를 시작됩니다 - (응용 프로그램을 우리의 경우, 최소 가능한 제품) 음, 하나, 우리는 우리의 MVP있어!


1ETH = 4,200 CHP
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  • ICO Stage I - 20%
  • ICO Stage II - 0%


CoinPoker is a poker room built on blockchain technology that will offer fantastic value for poker players and casual purchasers. Poker players will benefit from games offered at extremely competitive rakes with huge valued added bonuses and promotions to drive traffic and a potential appreciation of their CHPs associated with the development of a robust poker economy.CoinPoker is not a concept, it’s been fully developed and is ready to launch post ICO ensuring immediate benefits to the CHP purchasers. The software is fully tested and the MVP (minimum viable product) is ready to try. Millions have already been invested to get the software to this state. CoinPoker’s blockchain technology also solves the key obstacles inhabiting the growth of online poker today, namely avoiding payment processing issues, managing game integrity, creating purely random number generation and allowing for blockchain marketing initiatives. Even product design, new games can be controlled by a blockchain voting system based on user preferences.The timing is perfect for CoinPoker as recent forecasts expect online poker to surge in popularity with previously taboo markets coming back online (such as parts of the U.S) and poker growing in popularity in emerging regions such as Asia and South America. Expenditure is set to treble of the next 3 years.Due to the reasons listed above, we would like to introduce you to our ICO, or Initial Coin Offering.PreICO is going to start on November 16th, and the ICO is expected to start mid-January. Throughout we will be releasing 500 million of our Tokens called Chips (CHP). Chips will be our official currency that will circulate within the platform, benefiting the holders of the currency.


René Boutestijn
René Boutestijn
Chief Development Officer
Justas Kregždė
Justas Kregždė
CTO & Smart Contract Developer
Michael Josem
Michael Josem
Head of Security
Isabelle Mercier
Isabelle Mercier
Chief Community Manager
Paulius Mikaliūnas
Paulius Mikaliūnas
Head of Poker Operations
Alex Mishiev
Alex Mishiev
Online Business Strategy & Digital Marketing Expert