e 헬스 먼저 blockchain 기술, 기계에 따라 건강 관리, 수명, 진단, 예방 및 비 전문가 사용자, 의료 전문가, 연구자 및 비즈니스에 대한 일반적인 질병의 치료 분야에서 의사 결정을 지원하는 IT 플랫폼입니다 학습, 자연 언어 분석, 신경 네트워크, 빅 데이터, 임상 역학, 증거 기반 의학 및 원격 의료. EHF 확장 빌드 한 플랫폼입니다. 지식 기반 - - 의학 문헌의 전체 플랫폼의 핵심 데이터베이스입니다. 이 플랫폼은 현재 빠르게 문헌에서 필요한 의료 정보를 참조하는 AI 및 자연 언어 처리를 사용하여 기능이 애플 리케이션을 포함하고 있습니다. 첫 번째 응용 프로그램은 소비자 등급의 집 진단 및 의료 추천 응용 프로그램입니다. 사용자는 초기 의료 검진을 완료하고, 실시간 의사와 치료 또는 상담에 대한 권장 사항과 함께, 자신의 건강에 대한 철저한 사전 분석을받습니다.


8,000 ETH
259,000 ETH
1 EHF = 0.01 ETH
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참가가능화폐ETH, BTC, Fiat
유통량/발행량80 %
제한 구역불분명


  • Private Placement - 50-70%
  • Pre-ICO - 40%


The eHealth First Platform and TokenEHF is a platform that is built to expand. At the core of the entire platform is a database - a knowledgebase - of medical literature. The platform currently includes two apps that function by using AI and natural language processing to quickly reference necessary medical information from this literature.The first app is a consumer grade home diagnosis and medical recommendation app. The user simply downloads the app to their smartphone (or opens the web portal on their PC), completes an intuitive initial medical screening, and receives a thorough preliminary analysis of their health, along with recommendations for treatment or consultation with a live physician.Based on the data gathered during the screening, the user may be offered the opportunity to pay, using EHF tokens or fiat, to purchase additional screenings for certain specific body systems. If you have a chronic skin condition, for example, you may choose to pay for the skin analysis module.The second app is an open platform for health professionals and developers. It is a direct means by which to access - quickly and easily - the medical literature and find answers that can improve patient outcomes. Of course, for full access of this app, the EHF token is essential. Developers can use the app to develop new software in the discipline.The EHF TokenThe main utility of the EHF token is to pay for services on the platform. Services can be paid for in fiat or tokens, but EHF transactions mean a 30% discount for the user.EHF token holders, in proportion to the number of tokens that they own, will be able to vote regarding certain decisions about the platform. However, the token does not represent ownership or a stake in the platform, or the right to have a vote.As demand for the platform increases, it is expected that the token’s value will increase. It will be available on various exchanges around the world.Financial indicatorseHealth First Project has high financial indicators, naming (for the conservative scenario) NPV(12%,10 y)=600 mln USD, IRR>50%, EV(Y2023)=1.4 bln. USD.The EHF TeamOur well-developed team (21 professionals from 8 countries) is headed by Nickolay Kryuchkov, an entrepreneur, researcher and medical doctor, and consists of experts in biomedical systems Arnold Mitnitsky and Sviatoslav Plavinsky, consultants in Health care and Public Health Policy Daria Khaltourina, Nick Guldemond, Edwina Rogers and Artem Gill, a biomedical gerontologist Aubrey De Grey, experts in genomics, longevity and aging João Pedro de Magalhães, Kalluri Subba Rao, Oliver Medvedik, physician and clinical researcher Lyle Dennis, researchers and engineers in blockchain development, machine learning, artificial intelligence Eray Ozkural, Artemy Malkov, Keith Comito, attorney at law Paul Spiegel, financial expert Victor Solntsev and more.
Participate in the ICOThe EHF token is of the ERC20 standard. The ICO will begin soon. A soft cap has been set at 8,000 ETH.The private placement phase of the ICO is in full gear. You can currently buy tokens at the lowest price they will ever be available with huge bonuses. Bonuses of 45-70% are available.You can participate at www.ehfirst.ioThe Pre-ICO will begin March 18th and end April 18th. Bonuses of up to 40% will be available.Join Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for a new videoclip every day from Monday to Friday.Read the White Paper for all the details.


Nickolay Kryuchkov
Nickolay Kryuchkov
Chief Executive Officer
Arnold Mitnitski
Arnold Mitnitski
Advisor in Mathematical Modeling of complex biomedical systems, Systems Biology of the aging process, Advanced Data Analysis.
Daria Khaltourina
Daria Khaltourina
Director, Public Health and Longevity Programs
Nick Guldemond
Nick Guldemond
Advisor in Health Policy and Management, Clinical Epidemiology, Public Policy, eHealth, Clinical Neurology, Clinical Diagnostics, Clinical Studies, Aging and Longevity Studies
Aubrey De Grey
Aubrey De Grey
Advisor in Biomedical Gerontology, Aging and Longevity Studies, Biotechnology, Drug Assessment, Health Promotion
Denis Rysev
Denis Rysev
C.T.O., Blockchain and Health Records