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PUBLICA는 blockchain 혁명에 게시 경제를 가지고하는 것을 목표로하고있다. PUBLICA의 플랫폼이 책 크라우드 펀딩, 오픈 마켓 (전자 상거래) 디지털 지갑으로 이중 의무를하고, 애플리케이션, e 리더와 ewriters를 개최한다. READ 토큰은 당신이 그렇게 그들이 blockchain 바탕으로 부동산있어 자신의 책을 나타냅니다. 스마트 계약 및 RIGHT 토큰 등 일러스트 레이터, 편집자, 마케팅, 유통 업체 등의 서비스 제공을 포함하여 출판의 여러면 경제가 등 PUBLICA의 생태계 영화, 게임, 속편에 대한 파생 권리와 같은 계약의 자동화 된 성능을 백업, 그래서 그들은 것 플랫폼의 네트워크 효과 혜택을 누릴 수 있습니다.


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Publica will be a platform for authors, readers, books of all kinds and the people who make them. And for smart contracts to carry all kinds of transactions and exchanges for the publishing economy.

We call our organization Publica in honor of the vocative declension of the Latin word publicum, meaning a person or thing of the people. Derived from populus, people. In some languages like Spanish and Urdu publica means the act of publishing. In others like Arabic it’s more evocative of a republic or democracy versus a king or caliphate.

In English it’s the beginning of publication and in Russian it means the people.

When the lines blur between publishers large and small, authors and self-publishers, readers and crowdfunders, artists and scholars, teachers and students, and everyone else interested in books and what becomes of them, of the people emerges as a final immutable line of distinction.

So we are Publica.

Do you believe that?

  • Electronic books will eclipse paper books sooner or later?
  • Self-publishing will eclipse traditional publishing?
  • Crowdfunding competes with traditional financing?
  • Peer-to-peer transactions like Bitcoin and Ethereum disrupt traditional monetary relations with their smart contracts and tokenization?
  • Publishing is a global economy?

That’s Publica.

Publica will fuel an ecosystem of the third parties necessary to publish and promote high-quality and high-value books--editors, cover artists, illustrators, marketers and so on. By backing their ecommerce transactions on the blockchain Publica will bring trust and liquidity to the ecosystem. Peer-to-peer.

To ignite the ecosystem, Publica is a platform for authors to offer their own token launches for their new books (crowdfunding). Each token sold in a book's token launch represents READ access to the book in an e-reader.
Authors will be able to set their own advance payments for their books negotiated with their fans and institutional backers. They’ll retain creative and financial freedom while having the means to remain independent.

Publica will establish the legal and technical framework for the tokenization of intellectual property rights. Instead of awarding up to 90% of their royalties to a single publisher, an author can decentralize ownership, thereby attracting investors and fueling an ecosystem for the book's success.


Josef Marc
Josef Marc
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Yuri Pimenov
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Antons Saprik
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Uldis Baumerts
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Aigars Pavlovics
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Glebs Vrevskis