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SocialMedia.Market - 검색, 생성, 실행 및 소셜 미디어의 영향력과 광고 캠페인을 분석하는 최초의 분산 생태계. blockchain 기술을 기반으로, 우리는 투명성, 안전성 및 상호 작용의 완전히 새로운 수준의 브랜드와 소셜 미디어 블로거 간의 마케팅 활동을 가져온다.


3,000,000 SMT
30,000,000 SMT
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참가가능화폐ETH, BTC
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  • Day 1 - 10%
  • Day 2 - 7%
  • Day 3 - 5%
  • Day 4 - 3%


Influencer Marketing has been a part of the promotional campaigns of the gaming and entertainment industries for years. Ultimately, digital agencies demonstrated the value of this advertising channel to corporations and large companies. And now, even small businesses are interested in allocating marketing budgets on popular bloggers or celebrities, who have influence over potential consumer audiences. Because, unlike traditional advertising, Influencer Marketing provides brands the opportunity to garner credibility and gain attention.As more brands incorporate Influencer Marketing campaigns into their overall marketing strategies, many studies confirm collaboration with social media influencers in the production, distribution and promotion of sponsored content is now one of the most powerful ways for brands to reach consumers. Surveys indicate that 74% of people discover brands on social networks, and up to 49% of them rely on influencers’ recommendations when making a buying decision.Still, Influencer Marketing remains a complicated process for both advertisers building their campaigns and influencers seeking a way to monetize their content. Obscure and uncertain price determination, insecure transactions, non-compliance with executed agreements, fraud, lack of control and unreliable analytic instruments create challenging ROI determination. This imbalance gives the major advertising assets to digital marketing agencies and top social media celebrities.With our core team know-how and expertise in entertainment, marketing, analysis and product development, we have a clear vision of how to implement Blockchain and Smart Contract technology in a day-to-day solution that will resolve market needs and help develop them, exponentially.We are building SocialMedia.Market – the first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create, perform and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers across any social network. Blockchain technology will simplify the integration between advertisers and publishers and decrease costs for all engaged parties. It will create a competitive marketplace that’s 100% safe and transparent, creating opportunities for thousands of influencers and brands all over the globe to form targeted audience exposure; engaging consumers in the most relevant way. We will help elevate advertising markets to the next level and take considerable market share very quickly as cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology become mainstream in the next few years.

Our team is inspired to popularize Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies, making them more common in our daily life. We apply extra effort to introduce SocialMedia.Market’s platform, globally, to millions of influencers from small and medium sized businesses to larger corporations.

Dmitry Shyshov
Dmitry Shyshov
CEO, Founder
Aleksandra Morozova
Aleksandra Morozova
Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer
Maksym Churkin
Maksym Churkin
Tech Lead
Viktor Perekhod
Viktor Perekhod
Business Development Manager