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테일러는 사용자가 자동화 된 거래 기회로 입력 할 수있는 모바일 거래 응용 프로그램과 함께 암호 화폐 거래 신호 서비스를 결합하여 사용하기 쉬운 서비스입니다.


500 ETH
5,960 ETH
1 TAY = 0.0007 ETH
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  • 1st week - 25%
  • 2nd week - 15%
  • 3rd week - 8%


The emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies created a tremendous global negotiation market for these new type of assets. This market brings investment opportunities for anyone, whether they are a novice and experienced players in the crypto trading market.  As of Nov 2017, Bitcoin alone has a market capitalization of over 100 billion USD , and more than1,000 digital coins are being traded on the cryptocurrency markets. As opposed to the traditional stock market, these global exchange markets work 24x7x365 and even experienced users cannot identify them all, nor is it possible to track every opportunity without some sort of tool to help them.

The new cryptocurrency trading market bears a resemblance to the traditional stock market, but some features and characteristics make the market for cryptocurrency trading unfriendly or inaccessible to various audiences.

The technology behind these cryptocurrencies, as well as their extensive variety and the peculiarities of market movements, create a barrier to entry for new users.

Furthermore, the complex environment hinders more experienced traders from their attempt to keep up with all the opportunities that the market offers.

The cryptocurrency trading market has been hugely profitable compared to other investment vehicles available in the traditional financial markets. It draws the attention of average users who, like any other investor, wish to transform their money into profitable assets. However, these users lack knowledge of how the market works, stumble into websites and services with difficult-to-use interfaces, and hesitate when faced with the inability to follow such a wide range of markets.

New users who venture into their first trades often accumulate losses because they do not know the right time to enter and exit a trade negotiation.

The Taylor platform seeks to solve some of the problems encountered by both inexperienced and experienced users, attempting to make the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies more user-friendly and profitable.

Solution - Taylor PlatformThe Taylor platform is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant service. The service consists of a signaling tool for trading opportunities associated with a mobile application and a trading operations automation bot.

The first phase of the roadmap is to allow the user to respond to a trading signal. If a user wishes to enter the trade, the first step would be to set up the amount to invest and the profit target.


Brad Mills
Brad Mills
Crypto trader, Head of Algorithms
Everton Fraga
Everton Fraga
Software Engineer at Ethereum, Mist Team
Andre Diamand
Andre Diamand
Angel Investor at VentureOne, Startup Mentor
Felipe Matos
Felipe Matos
Founder at Startup Farm, former COO of Start-Up Brazil
Amure Pinho
Amure Pinho
Mobile App Specialist, President of the Brazilian Startups Association
Fabio Seixas
Fabio Seixas
Co-Founder & CEO