CryptoCopy - 성공적인 암호화 투자자 복사

CryptoCopy 당신이 추적하고 성공적인 암호 화폐 상인의 투자를 복사 할 수 있습니다 플랫폼입니다. 투자자의 많은 cryptocurrencies 매일 투자를하고 그것에서 이익을. 그들은 암호 화폐로 구입하고 무역하기 좋은 순간 알 수있는 전문적이고 숙련 된 투자자입니다. 이제 암호화 복사 플랫폼 당신이 경험 한 투자자처럼 벌 수있는 가능성이있다. 암호화 복사 당신은 당신이에서 이익을 만들 수 있다고 생각하는 모든 암호 화폐 투자자를 복사 할 수 있습니다. 당신은 암호화 복사 방금 가장 성공적인 상인을보고 당신이 그들을 복사 할 수 있습니다에 전혀 cryptocurrencies 또는 거래에 대한 지식을 가질 필요가 없습니다. 그것은 당신이 당신이 복사 할 투자자를 선택해야 모든 자동으로 이동합니다.


50,000 USD
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Tracking everythingCryptoCopy is tracking everything: investors, smart contracts, tokens and transactions. There will be no transaction done, no ICO announced that will not be in CryptoCopy database. Successful investors don't need to be register on CryptoCopy platform, they just need to be successful in managing tokens at their accounts and we will have them in our database, track every single change on their accounts and provide to other investors possibility to copy every single action automatically. Tracking investors, tokens and ICOsCopyCryptoCopy users will be able to find out best investors in token world and by few clicks set up automatically copying. Each action that perform copied investor will trigger action to user who does copy with proportional amount: buying/selling tokens from/to ethers and participating in ICOs.Social tradingRegistered users will be able to follow other users or anonymous ethereum accounts, get notified for each action they performed and interact with them. By registering, users can copy others or to be copied by other users. At the end of each quarter, most successful users will receive 10% of CryptoCopy profit, each one proportionally.Badge systemHaving tracked all those anonymous ethereum accounts there comes question how to differ one from each other and make user easy to decide what to follow and copy. We have defined a lot of badges which will be automatically assigned to best investors, tokens and ICOs. User will be able to make filters based on those badges and copy for example all top100 investors at once. Having that possibility users can have diversified portfolio with a minimum risk. ICO trendingBy tracking every single ICO on one side and tracking successful investors on the other side, CryptoCopy can build better picture about how much popular is particular ICO giving answer on question if you should invest there too. This approach is much more accurate than just pure hype measuring because it is based on already successful investor which have already made a huge profit on ICOs. They can better know which ICO is next big thing.Investment signalsBy tracking top100 investors on CryptoCopy we are able to recognize powerful signals that can be good indicators for investing in some ICO or some crypto currency that is already at the market. Registered users will be able to follow particular accounts and get notified if that account is participating in some ICO or if that account has increased amount of some token.


Igor Manjencic
Igor Manjencic
Founder and CEO
Jelena Stankov
Jelena Stankov
Co-Founder and Developer
Marius Mazoschek
Marius Mazoschek
Product Manager
Patrick Mühlschlegel
Patrick Mühlschlegel
Software Architect
André Wörner
André Wörner
Android/iOS Developer
Pawel Oleksy
Pawel Oleksy
Software Developer