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Globatalent 당신이 당신의 전세계 스포츠 영웅에 투자 할 수있는 특별한 혁명이다. 그것은 클럽과 선수들이 자신의 미래 수익 권한을 판매하여 자금을 찾을 수있는 blockchain 플랫폼입니다. Globatalent는 전 세계에서 자신의 스포츠 우상에 투자 할 수있는 능력을 모든 팬을 제공합니다. 스포츠 기업가에 의해 생각 아이디어는 Globatalent는 전체 스포츠 분권화에 도착했습니다. 암호화 및 blockchain 기술로 팬 구입 가능한 가장 안전한 방법으로 판매 할 수있는 능력을 가지고있다. 스포츠 세계에서 광대 한 경험은 Globatalent 스포츠의 미래에 차이를 만들고 싶어 열정과 헌신적 인 개인의 그룹을 가지고 있다는 것을 의미한다. 어떤 스포츠는 탈락되지 않고 우리는 우리가 스포츠 신동의 삶을 변화시킬 수 있습니다 알고 있습니다.


15,000,000 USD
35,000,000 USD
1 GBT = 0.07 USD
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  • - Private Pre-Sale * To be concluded 2 weeks before Public Sale Public: - Discount: Up to 45%
  • - Sale Week 1** 16th April 2018 - 22nd April 2018 - Discount: 15%
  • - Sale Week 2** 23rd April 2018 - 29th April 2018 - Discount: 10%
  • - Sale Week 3** 30th April 2018 - 06th May 2018 - Discount: 0%


The sports industry is “different”. It allows the emotions of entire communities of people to be set free and share vibrant moments with its fans, and allow an experience rarely found in any other industry. However, many clubs and athletes will never achieve their sporting goals, due to financial problems. The world of sports, as we know it, needs to change. Economic needs should not stop young talent from developing and sports organizations should be financially empowered to allow freedom of all global talent enable everyone.All over the world, there are countless examples of clubs that have disappeared and talented athletes who have never achieved their highest potential because of insufficient economic support , leaving them with only one option: to quit their sports career and give up on their dreams.We believe in a decentralized world and we want to do the same for the sports industry.The GLOBATALENT team has worked collectively for over 50 years in the sport industry and they are only too aware of the obstacles and disappointments behind the untold stories in the sports industry. We want to help the revolutionize global sports industry through decentralization.GLOBATALENT, a public blockchain project, will be in charge of ensuring and applying all fair-play commitment and push for a fair sports industry to promote values like sacrifice, commitment, fair-play, effort, perseverance, determination, discipline, modesty and honesty.GLOBATALENT will develop a tool that will allow clubs or players to sell their rights (sporting rights, image, and future incomes) to their fans. Clubs and players can be funded by the partial sale of their future income rights and allows them to continue their career or season.GLOBATALENT is a decentralized marketplace where investors and fans can invest in clubs or players and obtain returns by buying and selling future benefits guaranteed by their image rights, player transfers, prize money, salaries, ticketing, TV con- tracts or any other income they receive.Fans from all over the world will be able to invest even small amounts of money in their clubs or athletes and therefore be bound to the future revenues the clubs and players can bring in.GLOBATALENT will reduce the club costs of buying new player rights as they will not need to work under the terms of investments funds. It will help young athletes be in direct contact with their fans and to allow them to receive financial support to continue their careers and it will create stronger bonds between fans and, their favorite sports stars and clubs.The GLOBATALENT platform will help the global sports community obtain financial support to carry on their activities, promote more healthy lifestyles, and eliminate third parties that usually take advantage of clubs and athletes that have financial needs.


Sunil Bhardwaj
Sunil Bhardwaj
CEO & Co-founder
Ferrán Martínez
Ferrán Martínez
Co-Founder / Strategic alliances advisor
Alex Preukschat
Alex Preukschat
Co-Founder / Blockchain strategy
Iñaki Cabrera
Iñaki Cabrera
Co-Founder / Sports & Business advisor
Javier Domínguez
Javier Domínguez
Alfonso Ríos
Alfonso Ríos
Computer engineer